Kyrie Irving Can't Believe How Kevin Durant Cooking Up The Suns | April 25, 2021

25 Th04, 2021
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  • Kyrie Irving is so lame

    Treisha FulmoreTreisha Fulmore20 ngày trước
    • What u mad for 🤔

      MalRulesAllMalRulesAll20 ngày trước
  • Soon as KD got cooking that game was done.

    WildfireWildfire21 ngày trước
  • lebron to kd he need that best big at the three

    BuckMarleyBuckMarley21 ngày trước
  • Still garbage... the Suns.. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Stan LeeStan Lee21 ngày trước
  • Bron in trouble

    Phil SinexPhil Sinex21 ngày trước
  • Nets out there having fun and getting paid big money to do what they love while some people, fans and analysts roast them and talk about why they’re on the same team but they’re still winning together or apart

    Joel BrownJoel Brown21 ngày trước
  • That's the KD we know

    NETS IN 6NETS IN 621 ngày trước
    • @The only uchiha Impostorhey wake up

      NETS IN 6NETS IN 621 ngày trước
    • I can Block KD and Kyrie

      The only uchiha ImpostorThe only uchiha Impostor21 ngày trước
  • Duh rannt

    apothe6apothe621 ngày trước
  • Cashnasty: Top of the key wet like water

    LilBaller GamingLilBaller Gaming21 ngày trước
  • All this just to stop Lebron...smh.

    M MM M21 ngày trước
    • Ad coming back just to destroy doncic but still lose...smh

      The only uchiha ImpostorThe only uchiha Impostor21 ngày trước
  • I believe they are all healthy. They just don't wanna show how op they are yet.

    Ghosty BoiGhosty Boi21 ngày trước
  • Wizards in 6

    Cull ObsidianCull Obsidian21 ngày trước

    DevastinatorDevastinator21 ngày trước
  • Cant believe how kevin durant cooking up the suns

    Scott BoxerScott Boxer21 ngày trước
  • My boy cooking up

    vGotSxldvGotSxld21 ngày trước
  • Mark my words but this is the Finals matchup preview.

    LoSLakaFan28LoSLakaFan2821 ngày trước
    • @Jonathan Shimonov its gonna be the warriors, dont forget about Stephen Curry and Draymond Green

      james calderonjames calderon21 ngày trước
    • Abdi Aden nugget aren’t going anywhere without Jamal Murray

      Jonathan ShimonovJonathan Shimonov21 ngày trước
    • Suns aren't going past the 2nd round relax lol. It's either going to be the 2 LA teams, or the Nuggets.

      Abdi AdenAbdi Aden21 ngày trước
    • my hopes too

      BemayBemay21 ngày trước
  • The goat is back

    Goat KD7Goat KD721 ngày trước
  • Sixth man of the year 😂😂

    Justyn MakJustyn Mak21 ngày trước
  • Kyrie in the last 5 games is averaging 8 assists per game. It's not all about scoring for him as he is an elite point guard too.

    Beast ScaleBeast Scale21 ngày trước
    • @i-nyymoney I mean you could prob give harden the edge, but it’s very close. Kyries averages less turnovers and his passes are more accurate. Most of hardens assists come from lobbing to big men. To me they’re both elite. I really can’t take one over the other

      Khairul KafeeKhairul Kafee14 ngày trước
    • @Khairul Kafee kyrie is my favorite player but i have to disagree harden is a better playmaker than him

      i-nyymoneyi-nyymoney14 ngày trước
    • @kshuburner didn't ask you to repeat it

      Dre 2kDre 2k21 ngày trước
    • @Beast Scale well he should have averaged that when he was on the Cavaliers before lebron went back there but he couldn't because he couldn't then. Now he can smh stop that he could have been averaged that smh that's not his game

      flymingo the fittestflymingo the fittest21 ngày trước
    • Garbage 🗑

      Stan LeeStan Lee21 ngày trước
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    Freed by YeshuaFreed by Yeshua21 ngày trước
    • GSW in 6

      The only uchiha ImpostorThe only uchiha Impostor21 ngày trước
    • was being tempted. I needed this reminder. thank you brother

      Dylan StubblefieldDylan Stubblefield21 ngày trước
  • This guy keep coming off the bench, and keep scoring 30+. Lol. Too easy for KD.

    FXFX21 ngày trước
    • @oj oj yeah you have to give it to him he's a 6"11 all around player thats crafty explosive and know when to score its crazy

      WokenGeekWokenGeek21 ngày trước
    • as much i want to hate bro ahhaha this dude is amazing. i mean his beefin with ppl on twitter and still drop 30+ like nothing omg peace from Monte carlo

      oj ojoj oj21 ngày trước
  • "How Kevin durant cooking up the suns" 🥶

    KawhiLowry-GamingKawhiLowry-Gaming21 ngày trước
  • Nets got to have one of most hyped benches in the nba

    Michael JordanMichael Jordan21 ngày trước
    • Yea but Lakers have the most hyped bench

      Zaid BalochZaid Baloch20 ngày trước
  • I have seen countless times when Kobe or MJ were in that position to make those shots. They often double pump or adjust their shots to evade defender. KD though. KD never has to adjust his shots midair lol. The demi-god length makes him so smooth because dude never has to ever worry about anyone actually contesting his shots

    Lockie TLockie T21 ngày trước
    • @Ebenezer Indi " If you're taller he's faster, if you're faster he's taller. He's a walking cheat code." Never heard of this to describe KD before, but this is so on point.

      Lean AvenirLean Avenir21 ngày trước
    • @Ebenezer Indi Not to mention the fade-away makes it even tougher contest. And he uses it. It's the ultimate cheat code

      Lockie TLockie T21 ngày trước
    • @Jah'leel X Tony Allen's timing was incredible. Kobe also mentioned how tough a defender he was. People also never gave him creds for his defensive IQ. He wouldn't contest AD at the peak (which is practically impossible for anyone), but he challenges and swipe the ball when AD is on his way up. Smart guy. Incredibly underrated defender.

      Lockie TLockie T21 ngày trước
    • @Ebenezer Indi I think the fact that Tony Allen gave him trouble says so much about his defensive ability.

      Jah'leel XJah'leel X21 ngày trước
    • He makes full advantage of his height so it doesn't matter how good you are on defense. If you're taller he's faster, if you're faster he's taller. He's a walking cheat code.

      Ebenezer IndiEbenezer Indi21 ngày trước
  • I mean this brotha is something special! This man can roll out of the bed and drop THURTY! This man is a MONSTA- Stephen A. Smith

    Sports Now with Darius & AidenSports Now with Darius & Aiden21 ngày trước
    • He is a SNIPER and can pull up from THURTY!!

      JjjyliJjjyli21 ngày trước
    • 😂😂😂

      mserika Honestmserika Honest21 ngày trước
  • KD > LeFraud.

    Obvious Troll That Baited YouObvious Troll That Baited You21 ngày trước
    • Your haircut is le fraud Covid got u down bad. Bro need a barber to make a house call today!

      Stan LeeStan Lee21 ngày trước
    • @ovansa otori they trying to take this man down bruv

      show245show24521 ngày trước
    • Ok

      Jamal MurrayJamal Murray21 ngày trước
    • Seriously we just did this last year with kawhi

      ovansa otoriovansa otori21 ngày trước
  • Wait till harden is back 90 points combined by the big 3 mark my words

    νιвєѕνιвєѕ21 ngày trước
    • @David Xue well yes imo just cuz they also want other guys to contribute and don't want to tire themselves out the first game u know

      νιвєѕνιвєѕ21 ngày trước
    • That’s it?

      David XueDavid Xue21 ngày trước
  • kd looking in good shape

    KJKJ21 ngày trước
    • Why, because he took a shot? He's a moron for getting back in the game knowing he's injured

      Mr SmithMr Smith21 ngày trước
  • I wish you could make his player build in 2k😞

    DᴇGᴏᴀᴛ DᴇRᴏᴢᴀɴ ➐DᴇGᴏᴀᴛ DᴇRᴏᴢᴀɴ ➐21 ngày trước
    • @Mert How?

      Matheus SanzMatheus Sanz21 ngày trước
    • Possible on Next gen

      MertMert21 ngày trước
  • who the 6ers putting on him again?

    6ides6ides21 ngày trước
    • @6ides Hey man I’m agreeing with you go ask the 6er fans that question as well lmao

      Anonymous TofuAnonymous Tofu21 ngày trước
    • @6ides and the other mvp candidate kyrie irving

      Akunpo 34Akunpo 3421 ngày trước
    • @Anonymous Tofu then whos guarding the mvp canidate in harden lmaooo

      6ides6ides21 ngày trước
    • 6ers fans will tell you Ben Simmons is locking up KD 🤣

      Anonymous TofuAnonymous Tofu21 ngày trước
  • Nice

    SpilledGoblinSpilledGoblin21 ngày trước