2021 Through The Wire NBA Fantasy Draft

27 Th04, 2021
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  • Kenny said "we dont fight around here" i feel like he was about to say "we bust shots" lol

    Hill LeFrere Jr.Hill LeFrere Jr.2 ngày trước
  • I put the teams in 2k and here is what happened with their 12 man rotations Mike: reg season - 76 wins, playoffs - lost in 7 to KB in ECF (also blew a 3-0 lead 😂) Kenny: reg season - 74 wins, playoffs - lost in 7 in finals Pierre: reg season - 73 wins, playoffs - lost in 6 to d mills in WCF D mills: reg season - 70 wins, playoffs - Champions

    Tripp McGeeTripp McGee6 ngày trước
  • no ben simmons nd im 30min in

    K1ng ZayK1ng Zay8 ngày trước
  • mfs said jokic embiid nd nd dame b4 AD nd giannis

    K1ng ZayK1ng Zay8 ngày trước
  • D Mills easily got the best team

    Marc CMarc C9 ngày trước
  • How KAT the best shooting big man ever and Dirk existed? 🤦🏽‍♂️

    Nick TaylorNick Taylor9 ngày trước
  • Pierre do really got the best team

    Big BenBig Ben10 ngày trước
  • No D rose

    Big BenBig Ben10 ngày trước
  • no raptors at all damn

    Aidan LGAidan LG11 ngày trước
  • Damn. Dirk's not a bigman. When Karl pass him?

    Isaiah ColeyIsaiah Coley12 ngày trước
  • bro when he said Bogdan i laughed so hard

    Arvin MiraftabArvin Miraftab12 ngày trước

    Ben.Young76Ben.Young7612 ngày trước
  • Black hat had the best squad I’d say though.

    T WoodsT Woods13 ngày trước
  • Jayson can definitely run shooting guard, don’t sleep 😴

    T WoodsT Woods13 ngày trước
  • “oh we don’t fight around here” yea kenny keep that on em 🤣

    SevynTheVillainSevynTheVillain13 ngày trước
  • 32:10 disrespecting shai

    JakaHAY StraussJakaHAY Strauss13 ngày trước
  • P team is the best by damn near a landslide

    Geminis Are LitGeminis Are Lit13 ngày trước
  • The fact that Giannis dropped so low literally kills me like how tf

    E Can ThrowE Can Throw13 ngày trước
  • Yo this draft has me fully laughing out loud omg

    Shannon VazquezShannon Vazquez14 ngày trước
  • Lol Kenny out here drafting 13 players

    Victor PagonaVictor Pagona14 ngày trước
  • Nobody talking about the fact that Kenny drafted 13 players in a 12 man draft 😂

    Lucas M.Lucas M.14 ngày trước
  • all y’all do is dawg dmillz. no wonder he ghost y’all after recording

    Wet WilliamWet William14 ngày trước

    Riley ChardonnayRiley Chardonnay14 ngày trước
  • lowkey think dmills starting 5 is top 2 harden middleton tatum giannis jokic?? that’s lethal bro

    Shea DeFalcoShea DeFalco14 ngày trước
  • d mills always lookin like ge plottin somethin

    WinduWindu14 ngày trước
  • The kawhi disrespect is crazy he top 3 in league

    810Glick !810Glick !15 ngày trước
  • Mike wins no cap

    Seth SabetaSeth Sabeta15 ngày trước
  • Yo where jimmy am i trippin

    Luca DagostinoLuca Dagostino15 ngày trước
  • Jimmy is an amazing pick

    Luca DagostinoLuca Dagostino15 ngày trước
  • Pierre shoulda got jimmy

    Luca DagostinoLuca Dagostino15 ngày trước
  • What about giannis

    Luca DagostinoLuca Dagostino15 ngày trước
  • Mike try to tool on dmills so they don’t realize how bad he is at this

    CMACKER123CMACKER12315 ngày trước
  • Mike's team is ass. Derrick is almost as ass. Kenny would lose to Pierre in the finals.

    DeceivedThrasherDeceivedThrasher15 ngày trước
  • Vucevic being hated on.

    DeceivedThrasherDeceivedThrasher15 ngày trước
  • kyrie going that late should be a crime kyrie>dame

    BenKesslerBenKessler15 ngày trước
    • nahhh

      Theo TiltonTheo Tilton15 ngày trước
  • If I listen to this whole think and jimmy butler is not picked bruh 😭

    Mason BowlingMason Bowling15 ngày trước
  • Pierre is annoying af

    jake greenjake green16 ngày trước
  • Kenny's cheating he's got 13 players!

    dnappetitednappetite16 ngày trước
  • give dmills team

    Victor TodorovVictor Todorov16 ngày trước
  • Yall really slept on DBOOK

    ticklezonticklezon16 ngày trước
  • This man Derrick picked James Harden over 2 MVP candidates

    Cj DepositarioCj Depositario16 ngày trước
  • They were heavily disrespecting Kenny's team.

    AraluenAraluen16 ngày trước
  • Bro this is my first Through the Wire. This is Kenny in whole new light. I like it. Yo, P is funny AF. We need him on KOT4Q as a guest.

    Cshad97Cshad9716 ngày trước
  • Last shot none of y’all picking IGUODALA???

    isaiah and the starsisaiah and the stars16 ngày trước
  • Did anyone write down the rosters

    PCFPCF16 ngày trước
  • Hearing Kenny curse sounds so weird😭

    Ivan AngelesIvan Angeles16 ngày trước
  • I feel like everyone kinda relates to mike and derrick. we all just kinda dumb with the hot takes. Kenny has main character energy and pierre is like pippen.

    Eric LovettEric Lovett16 ngày trước
  • P going at D Mills about players not staying on the court and he got Curry, Embiid, PG13, Zion, MPJ, Simmons like tf

    CashyCashy16 ngày trước
  • Mike needed Gobert starting at center so AD can play pf and move KD to sf. That defense would be too tough. Also KB needs to move luka to the bench and kyrie at starting just off chemistry and fit. But all in all pierre had the best team. And mike could’ve had the best starting 5 (his bench is ass tho lmfao) if he grabbed gobert at starting center.

    justin ajustin a16 ngày trước
  • They really drafted Kelly oubre over Christian Wood

    M MasudM Masud16 ngày trước
  • dawg where tf is Jimmy Butler \

    Alex BierleinAlex Bierlein16 ngày trước
  • I think P's team was the best

    ramsalldayramsallday16 ngày trước
  • this would have been a sick live stream

    Michael MartinMichael Martin16 ngày trước

    Kyler EmeryKyler Emery16 ngày trước
  • P will always be second to Kenny in drafting, no matter how hard he tries

    Lwandle SakweLwandle Sakwe16 ngày trước
  • Pierre has by far the best team it's not even close

    Grant SofferGrant Soffer16 ngày trước
  • Please put this in 2k and run these squads Because i would love to see that video

    louie moualouie moua16 ngày trước
  • Jerami Grant bruh, Jerami Grant.

    Malik HaywoodMalik Haywood16 ngày trước
  • 25:00 Pierre said what? KAT the greatest big man shooter of all time? He forgettin about Dirk or what?

    Prim primPrim prim17 ngày trước
  • P funny as hell

    Simmons4DPOYSimmons4DPOY17 ngày trước
  • Jimmy Butler underrated lmao

    Marco PanoringanMarco Panoringan17 ngày trước
  • I'm with D Mills, I think his lineup is nice. This is why we think y'all always hating on him EDIT: Ok why tf did he just choose Jaren Jackson Jr lmao

    Mr Swanky BlumMr Swanky Blum17 ngày trước
  • No Cj, Vucevic, Ja, Brogdon ??? But bojan, draymond, joe harris, JJJ, oubre gets picked ?

    Zach VincentZach Vincent17 ngày trước
  • The thing about picking lebron you have to pick players that mold with him with kd he molds with everyone

    Aiden ReyesAiden Reyes17 ngày trước
  • Yall slept too hard on Giannis

    HossHoss17 ngày trước
  • @mike how about you guys do a my league online series with the teams y’all built ?

    topdawgrjtopdawgrj17 ngày trước
  • Did everybody forget about ben simmons?

    arnav gulaniarnav gulani17 ngày trước
  • Lol

    _sirMichael_sirMichael17 ngày trước
  • stop bullying d millsssss

    Always JakeAlways Jake17 ngày trước
  • Jayson tatum is at an advantage when he has the ball in his hands...so he definitely can play SG

    newzay50newzay5017 ngày trước
  • the two top dudes the only ones that know anything about basketball

    iSMOTONiXiSMOTONiX17 ngày trước
  • Kenny was gassin tf outta his team lmao

    TJ WilliamsTJ Williams17 ngày trước
  • P just be hating

    Andres Elizondo RodriguezAndres Elizondo Rodriguez17 ngày trước
  • How did yall not draft any raptors players Kelly Oubre over Siakam? cmonnnnn man

    Haig ArtounianHaig Artounian17 ngày trước
  • kat and embiid boutta take each others heads off in practice. pierre doesnt have a center anymore

    Rocco SRocco S17 ngày trước
  • By far the funniest episode I’ve seen since watching 😂

    Vincent OnunkwoVincent Onunkwo17 ngày trước
  • Where McCollum???

    Yo SwizzYo Swizz17 ngày trước
  • Ik yall wont see this but yall need to run a tourney on 2k with yall rosters bc yall just going back and forth and cant agree to nothing. Let your 2k skills end the debate

    KamrionKamrion17 ngày trước
  • Pierre forgot that kat and embid lowkey hate each other 💀 His centers are either gonna get injured or ejected for fighthing against each other “Mirotic and bobby portis vibes around there”

    Yeben 08Yeben 0817 ngày trước

    Kale SKale S17 ngày trước

    Kale SKale S17 ngày trước
  • Kenny has the best team he has lebron and kawhi who stopping that on any of their teams, mike has the worst team, bojan and starting jrue holiday like cmon

    OkieOkie17 ngày trước
  • When Kenny was asking for a trade and out of nowhere he went “ I’m talking abt the f*ckin pick” got me dead😂😂 man said it so intensely

    Evan SmithEvan Smith17 ngày trước
  • I was screaming Giannis for 2 rounds

    RyzRyz17 ngày trước
  • I cannot believe Giannis fell so far.

    Scenic BoulevardScenic Boulevard17 ngày trước
  • For the studio, everyone should get $100 to spend on stuff to fill the studio. Everyone could vlog it and it could be a TTW youtube channel vid

    Joshua VJoshua V17 ngày trước
  • I am surprised Vucevic didn't get drafted. Anyone else?

    JK TownJK Town17 ngày trước
  • Nobody got Jordan Clarkson damn

    JacobJacob17 ngày trước
  • they were clowning on darrick the whole time meanwhile mike got that line up

    Sam MartinSam Martin17 ngày trước
  • P arrogant for no reason

    Jackson WhiteJackson White17 ngày trước
  • Dmills first 3 picks were amazing then he soldd all the picks after. P def got the best team

    Leboban JokicLeboban Jokic17 ngày trước
  • DMills had the best big 3 dont @ me

    Goat KingGoat King18 ngày trước
  • Mike don’t watch the jazz at all if he thinks Clint capela is laterally quicker than Gobert lmao

    zhuzhupet69zhuzhupet6918 ngày trước
  • MPJ over Butler?

    Thaddeus Basketball NewsThaddeus Basketball News18 ngày trước
  • Capela over Butler,Mitchell

    Thaddeus Basketball NewsThaddeus Basketball News18 ngày trước
  • Mike team was the worst.

    KamGreene KobeKamGreene Kobe18 ngày trước
  • P just made this video unwatchable, his arrogance was sky rocketing lol. Imagine picking PG and MPJ before Jimmy Butler and then laughting at Mike for drafting him

    Mihai NaltuMihai Naltu18 ngày trước
  • 53:08 the way Kenny says "..barely" lool

    Alex FitzgeraldAlex Fitzgerald18 ngày trước
  • Is it just me or mikes team is better than Kenny’s

    Aiden ReyesAiden Reyes18 ngày trước
  • P has the most well rounded team but Bron with kawhi and luka r winning it all

    King FadalKing Fadal18 ngày trước